Woodland Weddings at Hazlewood Castle


Woodland Wedding Venue

So not everyone wants to get married or party in a conventional way, with some in uncomfortable suits and the children having to sit still or incur “that look” from Grandma.

A woodland wedding or party takes you back to nature. There is space for everyone to enjoy the tweeting birds, the sun piercing through the redwoods, the flow of water trickling along the ponds, the gentle breeze swaying the leaves, tree sofas to relax on. A stunning place where fairies live and you can even call on them!

The chefs are busy at the stone pizza oven and the marinated butterfly lamb is grilling on the barbecue. Chickens slowly turning on the rotisserie. A buffet full of home grown inspired ingredients.

The Tree bar is a throng of people drinking, warming themselves by fire pits and strings of twinkly lights offer a soft glow to celebrate by and as the embers die and the marshmallows are done, the calm prevails…….. you can just “be”.

Who wouldn’t want such a stress free, chilled out day with family and friends?

Coming Soon! A unique, beautiful picturesque woodland venue

From 2018 you can book our exclusive new outdoor venue. You don’t even need to be getting married- you can celebrate anything you want!


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