Covid-19 policy

Covid-19 policy

  1. Taking care of our guests and staff.
  2. Cleanliness and sanitisation.
  3. Guest bedroom bedroom sanitisation.
  4. Social distancing.
  5. Bars and restaurants.
  6. Team safety.
  7. Communication.

1. Taking care of our guests and staff

Taking care of you is what we’re here for… The health and well-being of our guests and colleagues has always been at the forefront of our decision making which quite rightly led to the closure of the hotel on Friday 21st March. But now we feel the time is right to announce our reopening on Saturday 1st August. We are obviously continuously monitoring government guidelines and all advice given very closely and will react accordingly should it be necessary.

Therefore we will be making changes to the way in which we operate in order to provide both yourselves, our guests, and all of our team ,with the confidence that we are doing everything we possibly can to keep you safe and healthy during your visit to Hazlewood Castle. To implement social distancing measures as far as we possibly can and to highlight the additional cleaning and health and safety protocols that we are putting in place for as long as required.

The list of new protocols being implemented is extensive. This is a living document which will continue to evolve and be updated to reflect ongoing government and medical advice, guest feedback and industry best practice.

Our protocols include:

  • Cleanliness & Sanitisation
  • Guest Bedroom Sanitisation
  • Social Distancing
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Team Safety
  • Communication

2. Cleanliness & Sanitisation

We will be improving and extending our already strict set of cleaning procedures across both guest facing areas and staff back of house areas.

When visiting the hotel you will find hand sanitisation facilities, an increase in public area cleaning protocols and a robust audit process to ensure that all new regimes are being implemented.

All our team will have their temperatures checked each day on arrival for their shift, all results will be recorded in a confidential document held by our management team. Appropriate action will be taken to ensure the safety of both the relevant team member, wider hotel team and our guests.

PPE will be provided to team members where appropriate including face masks, disposable gloves etc. which will be washed at the hotel to ensure each item is clean at the start of each and every shift.

All team members will undergo a strict training regime around our new health and hygiene protocols ready for our re-opening on Saturday 1st August.

3. Guest Bedroom Sanitisation

  • All our Bedrooms will undergo stringent new cleaning and sanitising protocols to ensure no spread of infection.
  • All units will be fully sanitised after each guest
  • Introduction of a new amenities kits to all residents to include: A wash kit – shampoo, bodywash, soap A Tea/coffee kit – Yorkshire tea, coffee, sugar, milk, mugs & spoons Ironing kit – iron & ironing board
  • All other amenities will be taken out the room also but can be requested upon arrival by phoning reception. (We guarantee that all packaged items will have been thoroughly cleaned) • Ensure all laundry is washed at temperatures in excess of 60 degrees which has been proven to kill any trace of the disease.
  • All glassware will have been sanitised and replaced between guests – even if it does not appear to have been used

4. Social Distancing

It is the responsibility of every business and all of us as individual to respect government guidelines in this area and to ensure we are respectful of the needs and concerns of other individuals

Our team members will be available to escort guests to the bedroom with luggage if required and we will be to provide as much or as little interaction as required by each individual guest.

  • Seating areas will be rearranged to create the 1 metre + recommended spacing between guests.
  • Guests and staff must adhere to the 1 metre + Government guideline.
  • As per the latest Government guidelines, there will be limited Staff on shift at all times to ensure social distancing.

5. Bars & Restaurants

  • Social distancing measures will be implemented when allocating tables in our restaurant to ensure a minimum of 1 metre + between each party.
  • All services will be moulded around each guests commutability and requirements i.e. dinner in our Old Dining Room with full social distancing measures, fully aired and risk assessed and would only be adapted to government guidelines or full sanitised room service.
  • All table reservations must be pre-booked and we respectfully request strict adherence to booking times in order to accommodate safe seating and reduce queuing.
  • Breakfast will be served slightly differently for the foreseeable: There will no longer be a continental buffet, instead a reduced a la carte menu is available.
  • A reduced Room service breakfast is available. This needs to pre-ordered the night before and a £5 tray charge will apply.
  • Menus will be available on printed paper that will be used only once by each individual guest.
  • Guests wishing to enjoy our delicious menus and wine list in the comfort of their own bedrooms can do so and a £5 tray charge will apply.
  • We are fortunate enough to offer a selection of private dining rooms for small, private gatherings. When you wish to reconnect with your friends and family, and when government guidelines allow, these facilities will provide perfect, intimate surroundings to celebrate those special occasions we love to share with those close to us.

6.Team Safety

Hazlewood Castle has a wonderful team of dedicated staff on site to look after our guests, create magical moments and ensure that every aspect of your stay with us is met. It is very important to us that our team feel safe and secure in their working environment and to this effect we are introducing a wide number of health and safety commitments to ensure their ongoing well being.

  • All staff will have their temperatures checked on arrival for their shifts and the results will be recorded in a confidential document held by our management team. Appropriate action will be taken to ensure the safety of both the relevant team member, wider hotel team and guests as required
  • PPE will be provided to team members where appropriate including face masks, disposable gloves ect. These will be washed at the hotel to ensure each item is clean and sanitised at the start of every shift.
  • Additional hand washing procedures and sanitary stations will be in place both front of house and back of house for both staff and guests and records to be introduced to every shift and department
  • All equipment used from each shift by the staff member will be sanitized for the next shift to stop any risk of infection

7.Our Communication

We are constantly reviewing the safest and most appropriate ways to provide our guests with information around our services, facilities and menus. This includes the new email that will be sent to you upon arrival where all information previously found in the bedroom directories will be detailed. We will be using the reception email or phone for any orders of food or requests from our guests to reduce contact with guests.

In order to stay with us you will need to download our app on your phone or tablet as this is how we will communicate the location of your room, menus and facilities available during your stay and any other important information.

Search for 'Vamoos' on your app store, sign in using your personal log-in credentials below:

User ID (hazlewood) – You will also be required to enter your arrival and departure dates.

So we are able to keep customer contact to a minimum, please be informed that we are operating the following:

• Contactless check in/out - the card provided will be charged at the time of booking and any incidentals will be charged the night prior to departure, a copy of your bill will be emailed to you for your records.

• Socially distanced dining – to enable us to provide a safe service for all of our guests, it is essential to pre-book your preferred times for dinner and breakfast, you can send us a message in the ‘Vamoos’ app to do this.

We will endeavour to ensure that all relevant information is included in our updated confirmation emails.

Our team is on hand to answer and questions or queries you may have via email

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