Our mission

Our Personal Values

To provide all our guests with a really warm, friendly and knowledgeable service.

To know about our food , drink and our other services and make genuine recommendations because we have dined in our restaurants and stayed in our hotels and know exactly what it is like.

To care to the point we understand what each guest wants because we are always looking, listening, enjoying being proactive

For you as a member of the team we will look after you and help you if you wish with training to develop and achieve your ambitions.

We have great benefits that include staying at our hotels for very little, award nights that celebrate and reward your achievements, one to ones that help you know where you are going and how to get there.

We of course have golden rules and procedures that must be adhered to but our over riding desire is to have a culture in your hotel that stands for everything we would like to experience for ourselves. Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service, clean and well kept facilities, a flexible and caring approach, quality food and drink , a relaxed home from home feel.

A culture and a service that exceeds our guests expectations.

Top 10 golden rules- Reception

1. Stand up to greet an approaching guest

2. Speak to the guest before they speak to you

3. Use the guests name where possible

4. Offer help with luggage

5. Make guests aware of relevent facilities

6. If in time for dinner, offer a dinner menu and discuss if necessary

7. Inform the guest if they need anything else, just ask by calling reception

8. At the end of check in, add "Enjoy your stay"

9. Make sure the recption desk is clutter free

10. Always be positive and enthusiastic.

Top 10 golden rules- Restaurant

    1. Smile and talk to the guest first

    2. Greet and show the guest to the table

    3. Use the guests name where possible not the room number

    4. Pull out the chair from the for the ladies

    5. Serve food from the left and clear from the right

    6. Serve drinks from right and clear from the right

    7. Check with the guest if everything is to their liking whilst they are having their starter and during their main course.

    8. Use a tray to carry drinks and to clear tables

    9. Follow up a request from a guest straight away

    10. Always present a pudding menu after clearing the main course

    11. Have good menu knowledge

    12. Always be positive and enthusiastic

Ashdale Hotels