The Story so far

It all began when on a beach in Sydney in 1998 an old school friend buried my wallet in the sand!

This peculiarity was further compounded by his promise that whatever money I had to buy a hotel he would match. True to his word in October 2004 we bought the Kings Head hotel, Richmond, North Yorkshire (in-fact my wife Jo found it!) a hotel so full of character and characters that we knew this was for us.

We have since grown a little, mainly thanks to the returning guests and have bought the beautifully restored Angel & Royal "the oldest Inn in England" the Queen Anne Dower House, Hazlewood Castle (a real castle) and Grants hotel, all grade I & ll listed buildings of great historic importance.

Two new additions for you to enjoy are our Imagine Spas which epitomise elegance and luxury.

Recently the Kings Head left our family for pastures new and Grants has been restored back to it's original state a row of stunning, terraced, townhouses.

We ALL enjoy working in such style as there is something very rewarding both for the staff and guests alike

Martin Wicks

Director, Ashdale Hotels

Ashdale Hotels